AGX Xavier boot failed

We have a new AGX Xavier and it failed to boot up (see attached) after it was flashed to L4T R32.2.1.
Both SDKmanager(JP4.2.2) and manaully flash AGX by following quickstart quide got same failed boot issue.
The thing is it worked well with L4T R32.2 & R31.1.

Attached the download files scheenshot.

Thank you for any suggestion,


L4T R32.2
SDKmanager (Jetpack4.2.1) flash – boot ok
manaully flash – boot fail

L4t R32.1
manaully flash – boot ok

Hi HuiW,

Could you try remove below folder and run sdkmanager to download again?

$ sudo rm -R /home/<username>/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack-4.2.2_Linux_P2888

Hi carolyuu,

Thank you for your support.
Yes. It works.
After removed it, both SDKmanager(JP4.2.2) and manually flash AGX worked well.