AGX Xavier boot loop

I am trying tp flash JetPack 4.6 with SDK manager, as a first step I only flash the OS image, after around 10 minutes, SDK manager shows successful flash. I only have one HDMI monitor, after flashing, I connect my HDMI monitor to AGX Xavier, power off the device and power on, it shows the NVIDIA log and goes to black and stays in this loop. I also try to get the boot log from serial port.
jetson.log (34.7 KB)

You have a sdcard connected on your board?

yes, it’a a 64G SD CARD. I also tried to prepare the SD card with balenaEtcher, that way does not work either

Remove your sdacard and let AGX boot again…

Your sdcard is ruining the boot.

AGX is unlike NX or Nano, no sdcard image for it.

I tried that, it works! Thanks so much!

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