Xavier AGX black screen on boot

My Xavier AGX outputs a black screen to the monitor through hdmi. The jetson was working normally yesterday with jetpack 5.1.2, but after trying to boot today, it would only display a black screen.

Nothing else is plugged in except the microusb through serial and hdmi to a monitor. I am using a 19.0V 2.37A power supply through the barrel jack.

I uploaded the boot log through serial. This is the entire log.
jetsonagxlog.txt (11.4 KB)


If this is entire log, then try to reflash your board. I only saw UEFI got stuck and no log printed.

Tried reflashing with Nvidia SDKManager. I changed the install settings for nvme flash based on this flashing jetpack on nvme ssd on xavier agx.

Here is the log from my flash attempt.
SDKM_logs_JetPack_5.1.2_Linux_for_Jetson_AGX_Xavier_modules_2024-02-28_13-05-33.zip (540.6 KB)

My first guess is an unsafe shutdown corrupted the SSD and now it doesn’t boot or can’t be flashed. Just wanted to make sure before I purchase a new nvme SSD.

Thanks again!

Dump the serial console log, please.
If it also gets stuck in UEFI, at least try if it can be flashed with eMMC and boot from it.

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