Black screen

Was using the AGX Xavier. The screen just went blank and now will not come back. Not sure what happened

Such problem symptom does not help. Please dump the log.

Not sure how to dump the log.
Here is what happens. I was in the terminal session. I did a cd to a directory and then the screen went dark. Tried to reset the Nvidia AGX and power cycle but it never comes back. Just a blank screen.

Does the power LED lights on ?

If yes, you would just use a micro-USB cable plugged into AGX Xavier and in other USB end host (requires USB-serial) use a serial client (set framing 115200 8N1).

yes I have it connected. But I need to get someone to give me access. They have everything as admin protected :(

You should tell what difficulty you have here during your process to dump the log. But not just say “not sure how to dump the log”.

The link in comment #2 already gave out the instructions. If you don’t understand some steps, please ask.

Please be careful that we are talking about “micro usb port” but not “type C usb port”. Just reboot the device and copy everything coming from the ttyUSB3 and attach it as a file here.

Also, I am not sure why we have “admin” problem here. This sounds like not an issue to everyone else here.

The account and password of Xavier AGX is set by you. No one else in this topics is able to reply what account and password you should use.

If this was someone’s device and you just took it, then please reflash the whole board.

No it’s my laptop. Where I work you can only use USB for mouse or keyboard. No memory stick, CD etc… You have to request it. I should have access in the morning. I know it is a pain.

I do have micro USB port to USB cable, can’t wait to try.

Thanks you very much for answering my questions. Appreciate it.

I do have a log file the last line is
Kernel boot failed
nvidia_log| (21.7 KB)

Can you reflash your board again?

Looks like initrd and kernel image are all gone inside your rootfs.

will do I have to step away for 2 hours but will when I get back.
Once again thank you.

Thanks for your help but I am sorry to inform you I get a heap error. Here is the log filenvidia_log2 (65.1 KB)


I am not sure why you posted the same log again. Did you re-flash your board already?

Or you have any problem doing the re-flash?

Wrong file.

So here is what happens. When I place the flash in the slot above the HDMI port. Nothing happens when I push the force recovery then power . When I push the reset it just keeps rebooting.
When I place the flash in the USB using the USB adapter I push the force recovery then power and I get a heap error.

here is the correct onenvidia_log3 (22.2 KB)


Sounds like you didn’t know how to flash the board.

You should check this video…

The difference is we are using sdkmanager now instead of that old jetpack GUI.

Recovery mode is just a status that this board is able to get flashed with sdkm. Under such mode, no OS and any software is running. You shouldn’t see any log coming out from serial console.
It is not possible that this board gets recovered by just clicking some buttons. You need separate host to prepare the driver package and do the flash work.

Thanks for the video. I did flash the board using the balenaEtcher to put the load on a micro flash card - that was called out in the instructions. It did flash the board because I was using it until the screen went blank. But I am going to try the way you suggested it could work better

Thanks you

Why do we have “BalenaEtcher” and “SDcard” here???

Do you know that you are talking about AGX Xavier but not NX? Only NX and Nano have and support sdcard image. Other platforms do not.

Yes I realize that last night. That’s why I am fixing it now. unfortunately my laptop has ubuntu 20.04 so I have to install 18