Jetson AGX Orin - how to control motor actuators?

I would like to ask You for help.

We have bought these motors from company



The motors are classic motors for robots and have two communication drives. Unfortunately we are not able to make them communicate with Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit directly. Would You be able to give us some advice or some contact who could help us with the motor actuator direct communication or some solution for translation of data driven commands to impuls signals?

Our motors have communication RS485. We need to communicate with this Jetson and use the API, which is already prepared in those devices.

Could you please help us connect the motors and the Orin?

Thank you very much for your willingness and help,

We don’t have experience about using the device. There are interfaces(such as UART, SPI) in 10-pin expansion header. You may physically connect to the pins, enable it through and give it a try.

The motors appear to support RS485 and CAN. There are several different ways to interface with those types of devices. You will need a transceiver of some type to convert the signal from the Jetson to either CAN or RS485.

The Jetson expansion header includes 2 CAN signals. You will need to add a CAN transceiver for each one you use in order to communicate with the motors.

As another option, you can use a UART from the Jetson on the expansion header along with a transceiver to communicate with the motor via RS482 or CAN. There are a variety of TTL to RS482 or TTL to CAN transceiver boards which provide this function.

A third option is to use USB to CAN or USB to RS482 devices which converts the output from USB to the required protocol.

The motors can be chained together and assigned different addresses, so it is possible to drive the motors using just one transceiver.

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