Jetson AGX Orin RGMII Timings


We want to know the RGMII timings-related specifications such as output skew (for Tx), setup/hold times (for the Rx) and duty cycle specs for Tx/Rx clk for AGX Orin SOM. Can the NVIDIA team share information on the same?

Also, Does the Orin module contain internal termination resistors for Tx signals?

Note: We already did refer to the DG for Orin SOM and we couldn’t find the above information apart from a note that states that Orin doesn’t support RGMII-ID internally and an external delay must be added (via PHY internal delay or PCB).

Hi, as said in Orin module data sheet: The timing of NVIDIA Orin SoC complies with the original RGMII mode of Reduced Gigabit Media Independent Interface (RGMII) Specification, Version 2.0.

Also we provide the RGMII Interface Signal Routing Requirements in Design Guide doc which can guarantee custom board design will fullfill the requests.

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