Jetson AGX Orin "System Throttled due to overcurrent" while running TensorRT


I’ve read those threads :

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So i know that the overcurrent issue is known by NVIDIA.
I have a Jetson AGX Orin Devkit and it runs fine, but when it is in the “max power” mode, running a GPU intensive model will trigger the warning. Running the same model in 50W will not trigger it, but the inference will be almost half the speed.
I tried different models, the bigger ones trigger the same warning, while the smaller one are working without issue.

I have 2 questions :

  1. When this warning is triggered, is the GPU frequency/power/etc… automatically limited (as the “throttled” seems to imply), and if not is there a risk to damage the hardware if this warning is triggered at every inference ?

  2. In the latest topic I found, AastaLLL from NVIDIA mentionned that a custom power mode could be created following this :
    NVIDIA Jetson Orin - Tuning Power - RidgeRun Developer Connection
    But what exactly should be limited to maximize GPU speed without triggering the overcurrent warning ?
    Is the overcurrent global and I would need to turn off/slow down some CPU cores, or is the overcurrent localized in the GPU and I need to limit its frequency (or else) ? (and then to which value ?)

Because given the number of parameters and possible combinations, benchmarking everything would be very long, and if every warning means putting a strain on the hardware, it wouldn’t be too good to do many experiments.

Thank you very much,


1. When the over-current happens, the clock will be reduced to protect the device.

2. Overcurrent is a system-wide issue.
You can reduce the CPU clock if most of the tasks are running on the GPU.


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