The error message "System throttling due to over-current" appears when running YOLOv4

Hi ,
I used Xavier NX and flashed the latest BSP 32.5 and Jetpack 4.5. I increased instantaneous OC limit (suggestions from the following NV question: System throttled due to over-current? - #58 by JerryChang), from 3.6A to 5A, and then I ran YOLOv4 under 15W 6 core, but this error message "System throttling due to over-current"still popps up.

hello sam.tsai,

are you able to reproduce the same failure by running sample application repeatedly, i.e. deepstream-test3

Hi Jerry Chang,

It is effective to increase the instantaneous OC instantaneous limit from 3.6A to 5A for deepstream sample applications, but YOLOv4 is invalid, YOLOv4 has a heavy GPU load.

I get the same problem when I work on Jetson NX, Jetpack 4.5.1
Is there any method to solve this?

hello XiangjiBU,

note, this is reproduce with heavy GPU loads. we’re still having internal investigation.