Jetson Xavier NX: System throttled due to Over-current

While the detectors (deepstream-emotion/gaze-app) are running, I get the system notification “System throttled due to Over-current” - warnings in online and offline mode - processing of the video stream from the webcam, and video files, respectively.
Judging by the graphs, the reason is the lack of current (see attached images).

I have several questions:

  1. Is it possible to ignore these warnings (wouldn’t it be harmful to ignore these warnings)?
  2. can the use of a more powerful power supply lead to damage to the power circuit in particular, or to the entire Jetson as a whole?
  3. what can be fraught with software removal of the current consumption limit (yes, I have seen similar topics on the forum, however, this question causes the greatest concern)?

The used power supply is standard from the delivery set: voltage 19V, current 2.37A (see attached images).

Jetson Xavier NX

Software (JetPack 5.1):

professorx@ubuntu:~/jetsonUtilities$ ./
NVIDIA NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit
  L4T 35.2.1 [JetPack UNKNOWN]
    Ubuntu 20.04.5LTS
    Kernel Version: 5.10.104-tegra
  CUDA 11.4.315
    CUDA Architecture: 7.2
  OpenCV version: 4.5.4
    OpenCV Cuda: NO
  Vision Works: NOT_INSTALLED
  VPI: 2.2.4
  Vulcan: 1.3.204
Over-current graph

power supply

p.s. Thanks in advance,

please check


Unfortunately, the command does not work, a message is displayed stating that the directory is not available:

professorx@ubuntu:~$ sudo echo 5000 > /sys/devices/c250000.i2c/i2c-7/7-0040/iio:device0/crit_current_limit_0
bash: /sys/devices/c250000.i2c/i2c-7/7-0040/iio:device0/crit_current_limit_0: No such file or directory

p.s. I also found mentions that this command does not work for another user on JP5.1, as well as a mention of your colleague about the maximum current of 5A on JP5.1:


If you are on rel-35, then you don’t need to apply this command. The rel-35 already uses 5A by default.

Can you please elaborate?

Not sure what to elaborate here.

JP4 is using rel-32 branch. JP5 is using rel-35 branch. All jp5 release already set the OC limit of XNX to 5A.
It is okay that you cannot find that node to configure because there is no need to configure it at all.