Jetson Xavier NX: System throttled due to Over-current

Did you remember to run tegrastats with sudo? The power info I need is missing.

Log file written with sudo
deepstream-emotion-app_tegrastats.log (53.3 KB)

Are you sure the error appeared when you dumped this tegrastats?

The average power consumption seems only around 13~15W.

I recorded the tegrastats data in two versions:

  1. periodically “agreed” with drop-down messages about overcurrent;
    deepstream-emotion-app_tegrastats.log (189.6 KB)
  2. ignored messages about overcurrent throughout the video
    deepstream-emotion-app_tegrastats_ignoreWarnings.log (192.0 KB)

p.s. I’m sorry, I can’t attach the original video file here, its size is 190MB, and on your forum the limit is 100MB.

What is the power mode running here?

20W x 6 core

Did you manage to find out the cause of throttling from the log files that I attached in the message above?


Actually there is not much to check for such issue. Your usecase may trigger the throttling few times and this may not harm.

I combined emotion and gaze detectors into one pipeline.

  /* Set up the pipeline */
  /* we add all elements into the pipeline */
  gst_bin_add_many(GST_BIN(pipeline), primary_detector, second_detector, gaze_identifier, emotioninfer, queue1, queue2, queue3, queue4, queue5, queue6, queue7, nvvidconv, nvosd, nvtile, sink, NULL, NULL);
  if (!gst_element_link_many(streammux, queue1, primary_detector, queue2, second_detector, queue3, emotioninfer, queue4, gaze_identifier, queue5, nvtile, queue6, nvvidconv, queue7, nvosd, NULL, NULL))
      g_printerr("Inferring and tracking elements link failure.\n");
      return -1;

Xavier almost from the first seconds of the program issued a warning about overcurrent.
This question can be discussed here, or is it better to create a separate topic?
p.s. If you need to create a separate topic, please do not close this topic (just in case)?

Hello again.
I noticed that after shutting down Xavier, the setting to turn off throttling warnings is not saved.
Is it possible to disable the output of a warning from the terminal (for use in scripts for launching detectors)?