TX2 NX - Is it safe to change OC-limit to 5A?


we’re facing the same issue as described by the following topic (OC-alarms due to YOLOv4):

Our system consists of a TX2 NX with Jetpack 4.6 mounted on a custom carrier board.

There are two suggestions to fix the problem, as @WayneWWW described in this response.

Suggestion #1:

This is not usable in our application, since the power estimator is not available for the TX2 NX.

Suggestion #2:

We changed this and it seems to fix the problem.
However, all answers regarding changing the current limit that we’ve found are related to Xavier or Orin.
Furthermore, I found the following statement by @JerryChang in this response, which is related to the TX2 NX.

The Question:
Is it safe to change this value on the TX2 NX to 5A?
Can this harm the module?
If it is not safe to change it, are there any other fixes for this problem?

Thanks and best regards!

For TX2NX, it is okay to give it to 5A. But you cannot try any value higher than that.

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