Jetson AGX Xavier Ethernet Port Stop Working When Trying to Flash In Forced Recovery Mode

I was recenetly given a Xavier AGX to do some software developement for a club project, however it had some software installed on it that I didn’t want. I have been trying to reflash the Xavier to get a clean-slate. However, when I try to reflash my Xavier in force recovery mode, the Xavier fails to connect to my network dispite being plugged into my router. I can confirm that the ethernet port does work, as the Xavier will get internet connection during a full boot of the partition thats already installed. I have gone into my router’s administration settings to monitor the connected devices and I have verified that the Xavier fails to appear when in forced recovery mode. I apologize if there is any information I am missing. I can include in in subsequent messages below where needed.

I have been following the guide below to get my Xavier set up, but it hasn’t proven to work properly with my Xavier.


When board is in “recovery mode”, it is actually waiting for you to use the host + sdkmanager to reflash it… And the flash port is specific type C usb port. Not ethernet port.

No OS is running when it is in recovery mode… so of course ethernet port will stop working under such situation. This is not an error.

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