Jetson AGX Xavier GPIO help

Hey there,

sorry if this has been explained else where, or is docements but i can find a answer that gives me confidence.

I have a python script that controls stepper motor drivers by setting digital pins either high or low.

i need a total of 10 digital pins, i have found various pinout configs for the jetson and what not, but i don’t really understand them.

like how do i know what pin to address in code?


Define the GPIO pins for the stepper motors

pan_step_pin = 25
pan_dir_pin = 24
tilt_step_pin = 23
tilt_dir_pin = 22

does this target pins 22 though 25 on the GPIO header?

Thanks, James.


Three things to note:

  1. Check what signals pins you want to use on the 40-pin expansion header are connected to:

  2. Check whether these pins are configured as GPIO in pinmux:

  3. Run this command on your device to know the GPIO number of these pins:

sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio

Thanks for the reply.

I ended up figuring it out, i think.

I am using the rpi.gpio python library which allows me to assign pins with the above code, and as long as i follow that chart above and the pins are available to be assigned as GPIO it works.

Does that sound like a good way forward ?


Sure, that sounds good to me.

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