Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial do not boot-up with PCIe device

I am connecting a FPGA based PCIe device to Xavier Industrial PCIe Tx/Rx with our own board.
I have confirmed the PCIe link-up with a FPGA debugger, but the Linux login screen does not start in the console.

It seems that the Linux kernel hangs.
When not connected to a PCIe device, it boots normally.

What probrems can yo think of?

Is the FPGA powered through the PCIe bus? If so, then it might be a power issue. If the FPGA is externally powered, then I don’t know.

Thank you for your reply.

The FPGA is externally powered.

It has a special configuration with only PCIe Tx/Rx, Refclk and Perst_n connected to JAXi.
I turn on the JAXi after the FPGA turned on.
The FPGA is a PCIe endpoint mode (Gen1×2).

Is the problem caused by a PCIe reset?
Or is it happened a deadlock somewhere in the JAXi boot flow?

I don’t know why it would stop boot since power is independent. Someone from NVIDIA will have to answer.

I do want to note that often an FPGA boots up slowly, and that if it is not fully booted before the Jetson starts to boot, then the FPGA would not be picked on on PCI. Once the Jetson is running Linux, if it has not detected a PCI endpoint, the PCIe bus will power down to save power. Thus a late boot of an FPGA would require setting up to keep PCIe powered rather than shutting down (or else making sure the FPGA is booted first). This should not have any effect on whether the Jetson is able to boot.

One thing that might help is to see a full serial console boot log. My assumption is that the system boots, but fails to reach any kind of display. The serial console log will show information even from boot stages before Linux ever loads, including information on power up and down of PCIe. You will need the full serial console boot log for anyone to answer though.

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