Jetson AGX Xavier RT patch hard realtime ?


just want to know before I buy, is the RT patch/TRLinux on Xavier a hard real time system ? can it guarantee the time slice to be consistence without affected by the CPU load ?

here is the command I apply the patches:
…Jetpak-4.2/sources/kernel/kernel/kernel-4.9$ ./scripts/ apply-patches
PREEMPT RT patches successfully applied for Auto!
PREEMPT RT patches successfully applied for L4T!

Wen Bin

Hello wenbin.leong,

Concurrent Real-Time has released RedHawk Linux kernel on Jetson AGX Xavier. RedHawk Linux kernel is a hard real-time kernel which provides low latency with deterministic response without being affected by the CPU load.

Seems like the site is down. I time out trying to connect.


Our site is currently down due to power outage. I am sorry for inconvenience. Will update once it is up.

Hello defied,

It should be working now.

Side question. Are you releasing one for the Nano?


Hello defied,

Yes, we do have RedHawk support for NANO.