Hello everyone,

i have managed to compile the kernel with PREEMPT-RT patch for the Jetson NX.
Because i would like to use this solution in an industrial project, i want to be sure if nvidia approved the PREEMPT-RT patch for Jetson Platforms. I do not want to have some problems later when my system will be in production. If nvidia did not approve it, what are the reasons to not do it. If nvidia dit not approve it, can someone please name me more alternatives to have my real time environment on the jetson.

I would be very thankfull for any help.

Hello m.kellil,

I can’t comment on NVIDIA’s behalf, but Concurrent Real-Time releases RTOS called RedHawk on all Jetson platforms, including Xavier NX.

We guarantee real-time performance withe latencies less than 50 us. You may either contact me here by PM’ing me, or create a request at https://www.concurrent-rt.com/how-to-buy/

Hi m.kellil,

NVIDIA provides the Linux kernel PREEMPT_RT patches for evaluation purposes. At this time, it is not a commercially-supported configuration from NVIDIA.