Recommended Hard Realtime Kernel for TX2 - Installation Resource

Hi there,

We recently joined the inception program and also purchased a TX2. We’re using the TX2 to develop a Flight Management System using the DevKit (currently pre-installed installed with Ubuntu).

We need to add hard realtime capability. Can you recommend a distribution and resource on how to install and configure?

  • I see mention of RT patches for L4T which looks extremely complex.
  • I also see mention of Concurrent Realtime’s RedHawk, whom I have tried contacting on several occasions. Concerned of the costs.


Hi markaouh7, if you have a hard-realtime requirement (ala VxWorks, Integrity, FreeRTOS, ect.) you would need to have it ported as there isn’t current support for that. Following the Technical Reference Manuals, you should be able to get it running on the ARM cores and other standard blocks.

Concurrent RedHawk is currently the go-to option for realtime Linux. The preempt-RT patch may be possible but hasn’t been formally tested.
I will pass your contact info along to Concurrent, in my experience they have been responsive and they have a support hotline you can dial.