Jetson AGX Xavier - what CPU?


I have bought a jetson AGX Xavier online and I looked at the processor. There is Intel processor. Shouldn’t it be mounted nividia processor by default? There should be written nividia on CPU, not Intel, right? Cause on your website in the specs of jetson there is „nividia xavier processor” What does it look like? Could you write me, please?

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Looks very surprizing… To my understanding it should look like this:

You may post a picture of what is inside your kit.

This is the CPU I have. I have bought my jetson on

This is not the CPU…rather looks like an NVME wifi card.
The CPU would be on the other side of the PCB.

Which one is the CPU then? Could you please tell me?

You mean it will be right under the fan?

The xavier module would be plugged into the big connector of your image here:

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You are right, it’s wi-fi module

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Thank you!

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