Sample Machine Building Guide with Xavier (Solved)

Hi All,

I am new to NVIDIA and have just ordered the Jetson xavier dev kit. Just wondering if there is any example guidelines out there on how would be a good way to start building up the actual machine.

I understand NVIDIA does not take responsibility for the overall machine design/performance, but shall appreciate very much if there is a guideline somewhere for preferred boards, storage, CPU etc. and how to build it up.

Sorry about the newbie query

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Hi Santanu, refer to the User Guide to get your devkit setup, and the Supported Components List of peripherals. Note that Jetson Xavier already includes CPU, GPU, memory, ect. so you do not need those core components outside of the devkit.

Going forward many of the Jetson Ecosystem partners will be developing carriers, enclosures, cameras, ect. compatible with Jetson Xavier. You could try contacting them about their plans for products since the Jetson Xavier devkit has just begun shipping.

Hi Dusty,

Many thanks for the excellent recommendation Sir!

Would you happen to have any sugegstions (again not NVIDIA “official” ones) about what sort of casing I may be looking at please? I ask because I ordered the Jetson Xavier Dev Kit which looks like it comes in a casing of its own (probably because as you have mentioned, it has its own CPU, GPU RAM etc.) .

Was just thinking about what sort of casing I should think about if any…

Thanks a lot! Really appreciate your help and guidance!

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If you are looking for a relatively waterproof casing, you may be able to mount it inside a generic aluminum project enclosure or Pelican-style case for the time being, along with power supply or battery, until aftermarket enclosures intended specifically for Jetson Xavier become available from the ecosystem. When making your own enclosure, you will want to ensure adequate airflow for the actively-cooled devkit depending on the power mode you are running.