Jetson AGX Xavier in production

We have been developing our system for several months with the Nvidia Jetson AGX DevKit.
It’s time to move on to production and we have a problem.

We are programmers, not hardware engineers, so we decided to use components available on market.
So we purchased Nvidia Jetson AGX CPU board and need some mother-board.

But we cannot find any good mother-boards.
We found at least 3 boards, but they all use a custom L2T with an old JetPack. Or some did not have MIPI lines to connect cameras.

So our question is, can we use a mother-board from DevKit in production?
Are there any problems with this?

For example, we buy Jetson AGX CPU Board + Jetson AGX DevKit products and combine them.

Or would you recommend a good production mother-board that is 100% the same as in DevKit?

Hi villy21,

No. Jetson developer kits are not for production use, please check:

If still can’t find the suitable one, then maybe you need to consider to make a custom board:

I suppose make a custom board is our way.
How to can we do this ?
Can we get technical documentation and reference design to make a custom board ?


You can find a reference design guide at Download Center:

Or you may find a design house to develop your carrier board.