About Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit

I want to get information.

My Plan is …

  1. Buy 4ea, Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit For developers. (For 1’st model)

  2. Design carrier b’d for Jetson AGX Xavier Module. (For 2’nd model)

  3. Design carrier with Jetson AGX Xavier, like single board compuer. (For final model)

So… How can I support to design single board compuer??

Not sure about your “single board computer”, for module carrier board design, we have provided the product design guide and reference schematic of devkit carrier board in DLC for your reference.

Thanks to relpy,
That meanig is
Not use Jetson AGX Xavier Module,
Design board, use Jetson AGX Xavier Module of CPU, GPU and others…
Is it possible???

No, Xavier is module only.