Using xavier devkit is a must?

I want tu use the connectech mimic and elroy carrier board… Before doing that do I must buy 1st the Xavier dev kit and implementing the jetpack on it?
If yes can you explain the logic behind that


Hi efiryw2d

The Jetson AGX Xavier dev kit is composed by AGX Xavier carrier board + AGX Xavier standalone compute module, our ecosystem partners, such as Connectech, all can refer to the publish HW design guide to create the compatible carrier board for AGX Xavier module.

The Connectech mimic seems is only for AGX Xavier module on any NVIDIA Jetson TX2/TX2i/TX1 Carrier Board, I’m not sure if it’s able to use on Elroy carrier board. You may check with Connectech first.


Hi thx,
Can I start to work with connectech without purchasing the devkit, just purchasing the Xavier module standalone?

Sure, you can just purchase AGX Xavier module, here is the link as your reference: