Jetson and RDP, Jetson as AI extension of PC

Are you working for solving problems about XRDP (or SSH -x access) and openGL ?
I think that using Jetson Nano (one or more) as AI extension of PC is really important, particularly for developments and deep-learning studies.
Yes, I can use Jetson as principal computer and manage PC with Remmina XRDP (it works fine) but it’s not the desired behavior !!!

For running deep learning inference on Jetson Nano, we have DeepStream SDK:

We are not sure what the issue is. Please share information about it. Would be great if you can share test steps so that we reproduce the issue first.

Tanks for suggesting DeepStream SDK (I didn’t know this library so far), but my question is about to manage Jetson by PC. For example, opening a ssh X interactive session or a remote desktop. Unfortunatelly it is possible to interact remotly (in a LAN) with Jetson with graphics window too, but not with inference example because (I presume) gl libraries used in this environment don’t support remote managements. I suppose that deepstream libraries can forward screen but only if I create a software ad hoc. I’m looking for a remote session that automatically forward screen to my PC.