Jetson Camera and display interface


I am looking for connecting a infra red camera and display to Jetsin tegra k1 development kit. What is recommneded camera and display devices. Also whether the BSP support this?


What kind of cameras and display devices are you looking for? One easy way to start prototyping might be to use USB for the camera and HDMI for the display.

Thanks Kulve.
I am building an application to recognize the face. I would prefer to use USB camera. Do you know if the BSP that comes with Tegra development board support USB camera and HDMI display? Or do I need to develop driver for it?


Why do you need BSP support specifically? If you’ve got a UVC-compliant camera, I would think that the camera would work out of the box.

Looks like HDMI is onboard, so a driver’s probably not needed for that.

Use the PS4 Eye camera.