Jetson-Camera Application Guide

Hi all,
We have supported a handful of customers working in jetson TX1/TX2/Xavier/Nano over a period now and have created an article on LibArgus (Tegra_Multimedia_API) by consolidating most of the frequently asked queries.

This article mainly acts as a reference guide for developers whose work depends on the LibArgus framework. We have covered the following topics in our article:

  • Camera Software Architecture
  • LibArgus Framework & Advantages
  • Step by Step instruction to stream a camera with code snippets
  • Features supported by LibArgus
  • Support for streaming Bayer in LibArgus
  • Integrating OpenCV with LibArgus
  • Reference to our custom LibArgus Application

The link to the article is here:

We at e-con Systems have also developed a custom LibArgus application which can:

  • Dynamically stream from multiple cameras (1-6) on a single application instance
  • Synchronously/asynchronously capture images from all actively streaming cameras
  • Burst record from all actively streaming cameras
  • Support for obtaining and displaying frame statistics such as ISO Sensitivity, Scene Luminance, Exposure time, Sensor Timestamp, etc.
  • Modularized application source for easy integration with other frameworks such as OpenCV, VisionWorks, Gstreamer, etc.
  • Support for individual camera and ISP control configuration

For more details kindly check out the article with the link shared above.

Great! Thanks for the sharing!