Jetson Linux 35.3.1 PCIe slot 12V turn on

I have a problem with PCIe slot 12V on Jetson AGX Xavier Devkit. After the boot the 12V is turn off. I changed the dtb files and recompile it but it wasnt solved the problem. I use Jetson Linux 35.3.1. Could anyone tell me the solution? Or Could anyone give a link about an example for turn on PCIe slot 12V?

(I used the dmesg command and I always got PCIe slot regulator error: -517)

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Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

No problem. Yes, I am waiting for any solution.

Do you still want to use the PCIe or you want that power supply to something else?

Yes, i want to use the PCIe as root complex and i want to use the slot power supply. Thank you for your help.



Sounds duplicated with this thread. Please read it first.

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