AGX Orin Devkit PCIE Power JL 35.1


I’ve found many a topic in this forum on PCIE power regulators not being enabled by default in the BSP.

It seems the latest BSP still does not have these enabled correctly. Will this be added in future patch revisions or will I need to always recompile the kernel to enable this functionality? Are there any changes to this solution above for 35.1?


The change is already included in the rel-35.1 BSP.


My apologies. I did not see the PCIE Power fix listed in the release notes for 35.1 BSP and it seems the fixes mentioned in previous posts are not the fix applied in BSP 35.1.

I upgraded my Orin Dev Kit to 35.1 BSP and am not seeing power to the 12v rail of the PCIE 16x slot. Do you have any guidance?


Please check if your tegra234-p3737-overlay-pcie.dtbo is applied with a long ids.

Looks like this:

ids = “>=3737-0000-TS4”,“3737-0000-RC1”,“3737-0000-400”,“3737-0000-500”,“3737-0000-600”,“3737-0000-700”,“3737-0000-800”,“3737-0000-900”;

And GPIO H,4 should be occupied by regulator@105.


looking at my tegra234-p3737-overlay-pcie.dtbo in the boot directory, the long ids match what you have posted.

Then the patch is already added. What kind of device fails to work?

You could also dump

sudo i2cdump -y 0 0x56 and we can tell whether dtbo would take effect or not.


My Orin Dev Kit was not in the MAXN power mode. I changed the power mode to MAXN, rebooted, and the 12V rail turned on and the PCIE device was powered as well. I’m unsure what this change did to allow the device to power on, but it worked.

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