PCIE card not working and not getting powerON

hi ,

i m facing issues with USB PCIE card with new jetson orin kit that i dont see issues with agx xavier.

i went through 2 issues in forums

i m bit confused how to follow that process to relfash the board.

please provide me detailed steps to reflash i require to flash the image

@vandev @WayneWWW

What is the exact interface? You said USB PCIe card, so is it pcie or usb?

its PCIe card not working,

please guide me steps to reflash the board with the fix so that i can use PCIe card on new jetson orin.

i m not able to understand the fix in this below link

@ralf.goebel ralf.goebel please help me how you fixed the issue with detailed steps please

Is your pcie card connecting on the x16 port of the devkit?

Also, is your board a NV devkit? The patch from the link you posted can only applied to devkit and “specific dekivt”. Not all sku of devkit can work with that.

hi @WayneWWW ,

yes, im connecting PCIe card to jetson orin kit. im facing same issue that faced in below posted link

i require your help on reflash the jetpack 5.1 DP image on orin with above software patch suggested in above link …

how can i update the device tree file tegra234-p3737-fixed-regulator.dtsi"??

@kayccc @WayneWWW @Trumany please help to fix this issue, thanks

There is no official solution yet and that patch may not fix your problem either. Will update the solution later.

You can learn how to build kernel first.


This is my working version of the device tree file:
tegra234-p3737-fixed-regulator.dtsi (5.7 KB)
It can be found in the source directory hardware\nvidia\platform\t23x\concord\kernel-dts\cvb.
Here is the generated dtb file:
tegra234-p3701-0000-p3737-0000.dtb (300.2 KB)
The file can be copied to /boot/dtb/ on the dev-kit. The configuration file /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf should be modified to use the dtb file (FDT entry). I think the original dtb file is named differently (kernel_tegra234…dtb). I created a new menu entry so I can switch between different versions by using the debug UART on the micro-USB connector.

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