Jetson many CAN bus errors

Hello there!

Faced problems when working with CAN BUS. There is TX2 to which the CAN Tranciever is connected (120 ohm available). There is a receiving device (not TX2). At the moment when I turn on TX2, “Error frames” appear in large numbers on the receiving side, the same situation when rebooting and when turning off TX2. What could be the problem?

It is connected correctly, because using the cansend command, you can send a message to the receiving device. Maybe I configured something incorrectly, is there a need to write something to the system kernel?

Also on this topic. There is also NVIDIA XAVIER AGX. There is a similar problem. There are no errors when turning on, but when XAVIER is turned off, 1-2 “Error frames” appear stably on the receiving device. Has anyone faced such problems?


Hi silaj,
Which jetpack BSP version you are using?

Installed JetPack 4.2.3 version

Hi silaj,
There is a clock issue in J4.2
So, I would recommend to switch to latest versions. Issue is fixed in J4.3 so it is also fine.
Let me know if you face issue with J4.3 also.


Hello! Unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem. Have any solves?

Hi silaj,
Have you tried J4.3 or J4.4 ? Is the issue reproducible on J4.3/J4.4?

This problem reproduced on J4.2.3, J4.3 and J4.4.

Hi silaj,
Which transceiver are you using? We could not reproduce the same issue on TX2 with JP >= 4.3

Hello, shgarg!

I use Waveshare CAN Board SN65HVD230

Hi silaj,
Can you try changing transceiver to something like TJA1050?


Unfortunately i have only Waveshare CAN Board SN65HVD230

Is there a solution to the problem?


You can refer to CAN doc to once check if the setup is fine:

Mostly we saw the issues with transceiver but still check if your configurations are good.


Perhaps the problem is not in the CAN setting on the Jetson. Because “error frames” go away from Jetson even when CAN is not enabled on Ubuntu.

For example, Jetson is connected to the end device via CAN Tranciever, Jetson has no CAN settings. We turn off Jetson and at this moment Jetson sends “error frames”. There is no difference whether CAN is configured for Jetson or not.


There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Hi silaj,
May I know if the problem is solved?