nvidia tx2 mtt_can controller problem

Hi everyone,

To make use of CAN communications, I have refer to the following link:

But I still having some problems about it, I have connected the CAN_H/CANL to a vehicle CAN BUS, and then I use the follow command to enable the can controller:

ip link set can0 type can bitrate 500000 dbitrate 2000000 berr-reporting on fd on
ip link set up can0

In front of a period of time,some errors occured:
1.Stuff Error Detected
2.Bit1/Bit0 Error Detected

Sometimes the can bus probably off because of these errors and sometimes it will run well in next inside period of time, no error occured.

What the CAN transceiver we used is NXP’s TJA1042T/3, the BSP version is R28.1.



This type of errors are generally detected with a loose physical connection of the transceivers with TX2 CAN controllers.

It is suggested that, the transceivers to be soldered properly with controllers over breadboard or some other medium.

Please check with this and check if you are still having the issue.

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Hi spatra,

The transceivers has been integrated properly with controllers in one board.

1.When I connect the CAN_H/CANL to a vehicle CAN BUS, the errors occured, but when I connect the CAN_H/CANL to a millimeter-wave radar, no errors occured. The millimeter-wave radar is about 7 times the data volume of the vehicle CAN.

2.If the errors occured, It just last a period of time or bus off.


Can you please share the detailed log, so that we can analyze and debug locally.

Also I would guess if the problem is in the client device which is getting used at your setup. As per the comment, it is working fine on one device and not on another device, then ideally the problem lies in the device side which is not working properly.

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