Jetson mutlimedia-api && deepstream mix use

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I can both use mutlimedia-api and deepstream sdk in one process ? such as, decode/encode use
mutlimedia-api, infer via deepstream ?

Please use the DeepStream pipeline for video encode/decode and infer/track as the video buffer isn’t compatible between DeepSteam and multimedia-api.

I’ve used jetson multimedia API (jpeg encode) alongside with DeepStream (jetpack 5.1.2) successfully.
Should be fine if you do not use opencv imwrite function (lib jpeg and nvjpeg symbols conflict).

thanks, why encode jepg via multimedia API not DeepStream. My reason is video deocder exist memroy leak, memory increase slowly about 10MB/day, but application process need running 3 month normally.

ok, decode frame with multimedia api ,next copy memory to infer pipeline appsrc which build with DeepStream, that can avoid buffer compatiable?

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Suggest to use DeepStream for the whole pipeline, include decode/encode. Please use the latest Deepstream version 6.4. DeepStream fixed some memory leak issue during release.

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