Jetson Nano 4GB damaged

Hi Team,

One of my client has come up with damaged Jetson Nano SOM.

Can you please me out to figure out what exactly the damages are and what would be the reason for those couple of damages?

I am attaching the images for your reference. Kindly help me to evaluate this query.

Can’t tell what the failure is by the images. It looks like something burnt? What kind of info do you want to get?

Hi @Trumany ,

I want to know which IC is burnt and what was the function/role of that IC in the module.

The below one is Tegra chip.

@Trumany ,

The SOM is not working now. So I want to know the reasons. specifically regarding those damaged parts.

So if you can convey me minimum info about the damaged ICs, I can understand and convince the customer.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Tegra chip is the core chip of whole module…Looks like it has been damaged and so SOM can not work.

Thanks for your support.

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