Jetson nano camera - picture quality is not good


I am capturing the images from the Jetson Nano Camera. The images are coming with little purple tinge… I tried with different resolutions like 640x480 and 1280x720. In all resolutions the picture quality is same.

I am using camera-capture tool and also tried with code to get the images.

How to get a good quality image?

Where can I do the camera related settings like adjusting the brightness, color, contrast, white balance etc?


I have this issue too. May be Jetson Camera too sensitive to IR?

Hello Shankar,
1. The purple tinge in the camera might be due to IR sensitiveness. Is it available throughout the image.?

You can use the v4l-utils package to change controls.

v4l2-ctl -all # shows all information about the camera including the supported controls

This thread may help you. There is a camera profile you can install that mostly fixes the pink problem:

I believe it’s a hardware issue with the camera module but it can be corrected with a profile, so it’s not so bad. Not exactly a Hasselblad, but better than pink all over.

Also refer the below link regarding the pink distortion issue,

ninjad u :)

Thank you.
The suggestions in that link helped to improve the picture quality. Pinkish is much reduced.
There is grainy issue still… I think I need to use v4l2 utils and send capture parameters to tune the picture quality.


I don’t know about v4l2, since I have never used it, but libargus has some noise reduction features you might try.

The gstreamer Argus source allows control of many of the same options, I believe. If you Google, you will find the “accelerated gstreamer users guide” with details.