Jetson Nano can't detect the connected I2C device every boots up

I connected a liquid lens driver MAXIM MAX14574 to Jetson Nano on pin 1 3.3V, pin 3: I2C_2_SDA, pin 5: I2C_2_SCL and pin 6 GND.

The command sudo i2cdetect -l output as below:

The MAX14574 7 bits address is 0x77. But sometimes, the i2cdetect -y -r 1 command can’t detect the address 77 on terminal, which resulted my program does not work.

If i2cdetect can’t detect the connected device, a power cycle may make the connected MAX14574 available.

Would you please let me know how to sort out this issue?

There should be no problem on Jetson side. There is no other device on this I2C. Please check your device setting first, also you can use a oscilloscope to check the I2C signals waveform with & without device attached to confirm if the signals are correct.

I only connected one camera and the liquid lens driver MAX14574 to Jetson Nano.
The command i2cdetect -y -r 2 return address 50 and 57, which device are connected to Jetson Nano?
From where to check my device setting and what will checked?

Did you attach device on the I2C of pin 3 and pin 5? There is no other devices on it.

You can use an oscilloscope to probe the I2C pins to get the signal waveform as needed.