Working with python written I2C solution

trying to connect an i2c device to the jetson nano by using python. until now i did not find a simple python snippet for connecting and working by the I2C. would appreciate very much on any help on this issue

hello asnate,

you should confirm you’d given correct power supply to the i2c device.
please use linux standard utility to check the connections.
for example,
there’re i2c-tools, i2cdetect, it’s a userspace program to scan an I2C bus for devices.
you may also use i2cset, and i2cget to control the device directly.

thank you for responding. however, the jetson nano and the pyboard are connected to the I2C bus. both are connected to the power. however, i used the i2cdetect on the jetson nano and it does not see the pyboard.
maybe i need to do something in addition to the physical connection?
thank you

hello asnate,

please review your pin connections.
besides power supply, you should also have correct pin connections for SDA/SCL.

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