I2C not working


I am trying to configure the Jetson Nano as a I2C master device. I have an ESP running in I2C Slave mode. The Jetson is connected to the ESP with SDA, SCL and GND connections. They are connected to Jetson’s I2C bus 0 (pin 27/28).
When I run the i2cdetect command it says there are no devices on the bus. I have tested the ESP with another ESP (as master) and confirmed that the device is working as intended.

I have attached the output using i2cdetect -y -r 1 (I get the same output using 0)

Have you checked the voltage level? I2C0 is 3.3v port, what’s the level of ESP?

Yes, the ESP32 SCL/SDA ports are 3.3v as well.

Okay, this is weird. I found out that I2C Bus 1 works (pin 3 SDA, pin 5 SCL). However bus 0 (27, 28) does not work.
What could be the cause?

Not sure about it. If all sw setting are correct, can you probe the I2C0 lines to make sure if any expected waveform?

I do not have access to a oscilloscope at the moment, but when I do I can test it.