Jetson nano no detect bus i2c

During this month I have been testing the jetson nano and learning from it, today I decided to connect an adafruit PCA9685 board to control a servo, I plugged it in with the jetson nano disconnected as indicated in the steps and wiring, and so Maybe the I2C bus port does not recognize it, I have been investigating and this may be because the pins do not work (I think is hardware problem). All GPIO permissions and everything are installed.

I have also installed the adafruit library and followed the step-by-step tutorial of jetsonhacks i2c servokit and it still does not show me the board in the bus port when doing:

$i2cdetect -y -r 1


$i2cdetect -y -r 0

Is there a way to test the GPIO pins and the i2c bus port? The jetson nano was purchased a month ago here in a store in Spain, I am going to contact the store for the warranty

Please probe the i2c signal to check if device have ACK for the i2c scan command.

What is the command to test that? In case at some point I have to do some hardware testing, the only thing I have is a multimeter-tester, I don’t have an oscilloscope as I have read in other Nvidia support forums.

Please make sure the device is clock and power are on, otherwise must need scope to check the ACK command.

The device is plugged in, what do you mean by the clock? What is the ACK command? How is the ACK command executed in the terminal?

While you doing the i2cdetect the i2c bus will send command to slave address then the slave device should ack otherwise the i2c communicate will timeout and failed.


I have run the i2cdetect command with the PCA connected and it doesn’t show me anything, but the command doesn’t fail. Attached screen image

The i2cdetect scan the bus but slave device didn’t ack.


I have tested the board with a raspberry pi and if it detects it, I have wired it in these two ways when launching the commands:
J41 Pin 3 (SDA) → PCA9685 SDA
J41 Pin 5 (SCL) → PCA9685 SCL
J41 Pin 1 (3.3V) → PCA9685 VDC
J41 Pin 6 (GND) → PCA9685 GND


J41 Pin 27 (SDA) → PCA9685 SDA
J41 Pin 28 (SCL) → PCA9685 SCL
J41 Pin 1 (3.3V) → PCA9685 VDC
J41 Pin 6 (GND) → PCA9685 GND

In no case does it detect it