Jetson Nano compatibility with Jetson Orin Nano

We are building a custom carrier board for the Jetson Orin Nano. It appears that the pinout and power architecture for the Jetson Nano (not Orin) are the same. Can we expect them to be hardware compatible with the same carrier board? If not, what would be the key differences that need to be accounted for?

I’ve seen this post, but it isn’t clear if this means the Jetson Nano would not work in the Jetson Nano developer kit (which we are building our custom carrier board after)

Orin Nano and the original Nano are form factor compatible. They are not 100% pin compatible, but depending on which I/Os you are leveraging you maybe able to design a carrier board to support both of them. You can reference our Migration AN comparing Orin Nano and Nano to understand where the differences are.
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