One carrier board for Jetson Nano, TX2 NX, Xavier NX, Orin NX, Orin Nano

can I use the Jetson Orin Nano carrier board for other cores (Nano, TX2 NX, Xavier NX, Orin NX)?
This cores have similar pinout & I need a carrier board that support all this cores.

The Jetson Orin Nano carrier board can support Orin NX for sure, but not compatible with Xavier NX, Nano and TX2 NX, we never done any test and no plan to support.

Is there any special difference between these products that we cannot use the same carrier board?

Not all the I/O from the modules are same.

For example, Jetson Nano has 2 display outputs, but Orin only has one.

Jetson Nano does not have same PCIe controller as Orin or Xavier. Thus, when putting Orin module to Jetson nano carrier board, you don’t even have a nvme slot to boot.

Please be aware that these are not all the difference. We didn’t list out “every” difference between Orin nano/nx with every former carrier board.

Only suggest to check the design guide document of Orin to make a new carrier board.

How about if putting Nano module to Jetson Orin carrier board?

According to the link below we can use Nano,Tx2 NX, Xavier NX modules with a Nano carrier board.

Now my question is that “Can I use Orin carrier board for all modules?”

You could refer to all the document here for the comparison of each module.

If you want a simple answer from me, then I would say I don’t suggest you use Orin nano carrier board on Nano or TX2NX module.

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