Jetson Orin Development Board


We have developed our own carrier board for jetson nano and Xavier module. In our product we use only power supply and LAN interface which is enough for our application.

So my doubt is that, can i able to connect orin nano and nx modules to this same carrier board ? Since i am only using LAN interface, i think mostly orin and xavier modules connections and pinout will be same. Kindly clarify.

Is your own board for nano (it is not compatible to Xavier module) ? That should be compatible to Orin nano and NX module as you can see in the comparison and migration docs in DLC. Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer


I am using waveshare carrier board. In that have option for both nano and xavier. Both module i can able to use with waveshare carrier board. So will orin nano and Nx series also works? (Only LAN and power supply working is enough)

The carrier for nano should be compatible to Orin nano/NX module in theory. Please check with vendor and the docs in last comment.

Yes. Will jetson nano official heatsink suits for orin nx/nano?

The thermal budget is different. I don’t think that’s suitable.

Ok. then jetson xavier active heat sink is suitable ?

I don’t have the answer right now.

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