jetson nano crashes when displaying camera feed or connecting two monitors

My jetson nano has started crashing during even slightly graphically intensive tasks. I can use the system normally with a single monitor and do things like edit files and use the web browser, but If i connect a second monitor or run a script that displays a feed from an RPI camera, it will run for a few seconds then suddenly crash. When this happens, the screens go blank and the power led turns off, but the USB ports still receive power. Then I have to disconnect and reconnect the power supply to restart the jetson.

I’ve tried monitoring the serial terminal, but there is no output before the crash. I’ve also tried setting the jetson to 5w mode but that doesn’t fix the problem. Interestingly, this problem occured a few times when i first got the jetson, but after using it for a day or two it stopped happening at all. Now, after i’ve gone about a week without using it, the problem started happening again. I know it’s not a power supply problem because my power supply is capable of supplying 5v 10a Is there a way to fix this problem or do i most likely have a defective jetson?

It looks working normally in single HDMI video output. Which port do yo use to connect the second video output?