Jetson nano crash with portable power supply

hi, the same issue i am facing ,when i run my program in 5W mode, the nano runs properly without any crash but the process are too slow power supply given from 5V 2amps battery bank,when compared to running in 10W mode in same power supply it crashes and shut down ,can i know why its happening?
what is happening internally with 5W mode, how it runs without any crash?
I want to run my program with battery bank may be it can extend to 5v 3A battery.
can i able to achieve it to run in 10 w mode with above battery supply without any crash?

is there any possible to take logs why jetson nano crash?
I know in 5W mode only 2 cores are available to process? is there any method to activate all 4 cores in 5W mode.
Please suggest any ideas , it will be helpful.

Hi, did you use command line “tegrastats” to show the system usage status? It can help to understand what is going on when crash.

You need to dump the serial console log. It can show you the crash log.

And you can control the cpu online by similar commands.

echo 0 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/$CPU/online