General Performance Problems

Hello there,

I would just like to ask about the performance of my Jetson Nano because I don’t think it’s normal and it gets more and more frustrating.
I have a slightly more complicated Python program running on my Nano, with an attached GPIO ultrasonic sensor and a CSI camera using it. I use libraries like gstreamer for capturing and OpenCV for rendering, adding overlays and stuff. I admit my program is quite power intesive but I still don’t see a reason for my Nano crashing several times when I execute it. It’s very confusing: Sometimes I run it everything works well, then suddenly the system slows down and doesn’t react or crashes. I power it with an MicroUSB-cable at maximum energy consumption (10W), so what is the problem?
And even worse, I planned to power the Jetson Nano from a power bank. It has 5V-2.1A output which should exactly match the Nano’s 10W but somehow every time I start my program the Nano crashes, probably due to wrong energy supply. If I do the same on 5W mode, the program runs extremely slow with just 5 FPS or so, and then it freezes again like described before.

Any ideas how to improve my setup or how to solve this problem? What can be causing it? It would be very important for my project that the Jetson Nano runs as fast as possible when attached to a power bank. I’m also quite sure that the problem lies not in my program’s code because it works appropriately without error messages and stuff.

Thanks for the help in advance!

After booting your jetson nano, Open a terminal and type following.

$ sudo jetson_clocks

This will increase performance.

Please make sure you are powering the jetson with a barrel jack and not USB to get the best performance.

Even if your could modify a usb cable with a DC jack connector so that your can use the power jack on the nano rather then the usb power input it might help.
[u]I don’t think the usb input is capable of pulling in enough power when the jetson nano is in 10W mode.

if you wan’t to use 10W mode you must use the DC input connector.[/u]
So find one around your house that fits… strip the usb cable and connect the dc connector to the positive and negative wires of the usb ( make sure your polarity is correct with a volt meter ).

then disable the usb power input on the nano with a jumper ( per the manual )

then run jetson_clocks after you boot to set all the clocks to max and switch to 10W mode.

Please be careful if you plan on doing this , if you get the + / - mixed up you can fry your nano.

Thanks for the answers everyone!

I will definitely switch to the DC barrel connector. But if possible, I don’t want to mess around with my cables modifying them, I don’t know how. Would it also work if I buy a DC barrel to USB cable at Amazon and use that to power my Nano? Would it give the same result?

That’s no problem.

If you are not comfortable modify something then you should just purchase a standard DC power brick from amazon.

please read this post for more information.

If you are looking for something reasonably priced from this is a good option.

The most important specifications are as follows:

  • 5V
  • Minimum 2.1 Amp but the higher the better.
  • 5.5mm outer diameter ( for the part that plugs into the nano)
  • 2.1mm inner diameter ( for the part that plugs into the nano)

(you should be able to use a DC barrel connector to usb adapter as well ) if you need the portability of usb.

Hope that helps.

Also if you are know enough about linux to switch the desktop compositor ( or window manager ).

I would suggest switching to Compton.

just do a google search for " how to use compton in linux " or something of the sort.

I find it performs much better than the compositor nvidia is using in their ubuntu image.

One last tip.

Go check out you’re local thrift store if your tight on money.

Good chance you might find a power supply that will work for a couple bucks there!!

So, if I understand it right, I can attach an USB to DC cable to my power bank (which gives 5V-2.1A output) and still get the DC barrel to power my Jetson Nano with 4A? And if not, how can I manage to find a portable power source for powering the Jetson Nano through DC?

as long as the power bank can supply 10W a usb to dc adapter should be fine.

I don’t believe the usb port is capable of delivering the full 10w.

I could be wrong but I think that the nano needs to be powered via the dc input jack when it’s run in 10w mode
regardless of where the power is coming from, be it the wall or a battery pack or a powerbank.

but keep in mind that as your power bank loses power it might not be providing a steady 5v 2.1amps, the amperage might lower over time right.

That could be causing the crashing like when you first plug it in, it is getting the full power but 20 minutes later when the pack is a 70% charged it could only be getting 70% of the power output.

you might wan’t to get a second opinion on this though.

or do some reading yourself at the link I provided.