Jetson nano deploy issue, Nano couldn't open CSI RPi camera v2.0


I faced the problem with opening an RPi camera v2.0 on Jetson Nano after deploying. The problem is that if I build a program which opens a camera via OpenCV directly on Jetson, it works. However, if I build it on my server (with ) and then deploy it as a pkg the Jetson couldn’t open it.

Another strange question is that if I am installing the Jetson Nano latest JetPack, it is installing with OpenCV v4.1.1. However, if I am using official docker image ( l4t-base:r32.4.2), it is installing with OpenCV v3.2.0. Why is that?

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You will need to add some configure to the container to enable the access of camera:

Or you can use Deepstream related docker instead, it already supports camera interface:

For the openCV issue, the latest software is r32.4.3 rather than r32.4.2.
Please update your docker source first.


@AastaLLL Big thanks for your answer, I will try now and give a feedback!

@AastaLLL thank you, that helps)