Jetson NANO Design guide

Hello Developers,

I just got Jetson NANO Carrier Board Design File B01 from download center.

The artwork file is Allegro but i would like to get PADS file with PCB.

is this possible to get it from download center?

That’s all we can provide.

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could you give us the link?

because i can’t find from the download center

I mean only Allegro file we can provide.

oh… okay

thank you!

I want to know while version of allegro should be used to open the file? I got 4 errors when I used allegro 16.3 to open the file of schematic.

I can open it with 17.2.

i don’t have 17.2 so i would try to open with 16.3 but is there any different way open the file without errors?

I opened the orcad file without errors. Error was in the concept file.