Raw Allegro files for Jetson TK1

In the files online I have found Gerber for the Jetson which includes the netlist.

I like to have a schematic which shows what’s connected to what along with a layout thats connected to it so its very clear what’s going on. If you try and connect the dots on a board this complicated, you’re just asking for problems.

Any chance of requesting the raw schematic and layout files? It looks like they’re using Allegro. I have license for it and would love to make my life easier. I want to make my own board that uses the Nvidia TK1 chip and having the Allegro files would make it alot easier to make progress on this project.

I made the same request a few months ago, but had to start from scratch recreating the design.

The schematics are available, but I think they are only in PDF form.

Schematics and other HW information can be found here:

It is being escalated internally that OrCAD schematic file & Allegro board (layout) file will be posted in https://developer.nvidia.com/hardware-design-and-development.

I don’t have the exact posting date now though.

https://developer.nvidia.com/hardware-design-and-development -> Jetson TK1 Allegro Design File
https://developer.nvidia.com/hardware-design-and-development -> Jetson TK1 Board Orcad Schematics

Can we get the design file in *.ALG format? I am using Altium and cannot import the *.BRD file, since I do not have Allegro.

The schematics import properly, thank you for providing them.

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I am also using Altium and need the .ALG format as well. Same here the OrCAD schematics imported into Altium just fine.

Thanks for having all the other files available, it is a big help!

@neelfirst, @snageli:
NVIDIA might provide the gerber files(in the format of RS274x and ODB++), which can be imported into Altium. But there is no electronical connection information in it.

I would suggest you can get “Allegro FREE Physical Viewer.exe” for .brd file. http://www.cadence.com/products/pcb/pages/downloads.aspx

The raw pcb file we provided is allegro format(.brd).
From the altium website, it support importing cadence allegro design files(
Please contact with altium if you have problem on importing the allegro design PCB file.


Altium Designer also includes a unified means of importing designs from a variety of different design tools, using the Import Wizard. The wizard walks you through the import process, handling both the schematic and PCB parts of the project, as well as managing the relationship between them. Select File»Import Wizard to launch the Wizard. The Import Wizard can be used to import the following types of design files:

File Types Description
Protel 99SE DDB Files 99SE DDB (.ddb)
Cadence® Allegro® Design Files Allegro binary PCB (
.brd), Allegro ASCII PCB (*.alg)


Altium can only import the binary (*.brd) files if a valid copy of Cadence Allegro has been installed onto the same system.

The Altium importer uses Allegro to initially convert the binary BRD file into the ASCII ALG format, then starts the conversion process.

Without an installed copy of Allegro, Altium users cannot import the binary BRD file.

Under the title of “The Jetson TK1 Development Platform PCB Gerber Board Files”,
I do not get .brd Allegro layout board file.
Is it(.brd) under another title?


We’re planning to do the update for design files soon, please stay tuned.


Could you please advise the scheduled date to update the .brd design file?
We’re working on a new PCB design for our own purpose and
plan to leverage the Jetson TK1 layout file to save the PCB routing time of DDR3L memory portion.

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https://developer.nvidia.com/hardware-design-and-development -> Jetson TK1 Allegro Design File
TK1 brd file can not get from this web address.

https://developer.nvidia.com/hardware-design-and-development -> Jetson TK1 Board Orcad Schematics
Got DSN file.

We are continuing to work on the updated Allegro design file. Thank you for your patience.

Hi ,
1. Does it have any chance to let me get new TK1 Allegro BRD file before 06/17
2. New Allegro BRD file whether have any schematic change?
Because of our project’s design by TK1 EVB schematic.


Just wondering if there is any update to release the Allegro .brd file for Jetson TK1. Thanks…

The files are now available here:
(Registration required to download)

It would be good for everyone to note that the files ctichenor posted a link to are the TX1 CARRIER files and not the TX1 files nor the TK1 files.

Did Nvidia give up on creating the .ALG files for the TK1 or were they never going to be created in the first place?

Thanks Elvis_T reminding. TK1 board files are in here http://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-tk1-developer-kit-developer-board-design-files