TX1 Carrier Board design files

Is it possible for NVIDIA to post the .alg version of the carrier board instead of just the .brd version of it?
You have to have Allegro installed if you want to import the .brd file into Altium, whereas Altium will import the Allegro ASCII format .alg file directly without need to have Allegro installed.

If I am able to get an altium import of the .brd file, can I post it here?

Yes sure thing, feel free to post.

And here is the imported Altium version. Beware that there are some import errors that need to be manually fixed.
But it makes a good starting point to roll your own X1 carrier board.
x1_motherboard.pcbdoc.zip (12.7 MB)

thank you very much geoffrey !


You’re welcome!

Hi geoffreywall,

We are trying to convert TX1 .brd files to Altium.alg files by following Altium’s instruction as below link said, but there are no Allegro2Altium.bat and AllegroExportViews.txt in trial version or special version Altium package that cause conversion fail. Seems you are familiar with Altium, do you have any idea of this?


[i]1.Locate the following two files in the \System folder of your Altium Designer installation (Summer 08 or later):


2.Copy the two files to the folder containing the *.brd binary Allegro version 15.2 or 16 file.
3.Open a command prompt, navigate to the folder containing these files and type the following: Allegro2Altium your_file.brd
4.Surround your filename with double quotes if the filename contains spaces, i.e.: Allegro2Altium “your file.brd”
5.The ASCII file is now created in the folder. Copy the *.alg file to the Altium Designer workstation, Summer 08 (Version 7) or higher, and import using the Import Wizard.[/i]


I already posted the Altium imported design in this thread.

I don’t know what you are mean when you say, "but there are no Allegro2Altium.bat and AllegroExportViews.txt in trial version or special version Altium package that cause conversion fail

What version of Altium are you using? If you want to do your own import into Altium, you either need the .alg version of the Allegro design, or you need to have Allegro (also called Orcad) installed on your PC. The .alg is an ascii export of the Allegro design. Altium runs some special script files which you have mentioned above that get called in Allegro which then exports the entire design to an ASCII format.


Now we successfully converted *.brd file of TX1 carrier board to *.alg file which is attached here, could you pls try to import it into your Altium to see if any errors there? Thanks.

P2597_B02_Altium_ASCII.zip (3.02 MB)


What’s wrong with the imported design that I posted already in this thread?

Hi geoffreywall,

Have no problem with your uploaded file. We are just trying to do conversion successfully so as to do that for any other *.brd. And seems you are good at Altium, so asked if you can test the file I uploaded.


I downloaded your .alg file and imported it into altium.
Here were my steps (see sequence of attached images).