Importing P2822_B02_Allegro_layout files into Altium


I have tried to import the XAVIER developer kit carrier board design file titled P2822_B02_Allegro_layout.brd.brd into Altium but I receive an error message. “Allegro design file is not recognized or is too old”. I seem to recall there was a similar issue with the TX1 carrier board design files that required the file to be exported as a .alg file. Any chance NVIDIA could re-export the XAVIER dev board layout as .alg?


Hi, we only provide .brd file.

Hmmm I figured it out. There is a .alg file in the P2822_B03_Allegro_layout_ascii_extract directory.

Thanks me

Hi Trumany.

What is your version of Allegro ?
Is it compatible with Allergro ver 17.
If possible can you save it with Allergro ver 17.

The files in DLC are compatible to ver 17.

Hi Trumany.

I tried to open file P2822_B02_Allegro_layout.brd.brd with Allegro 17 but I can not read the file.
Is it Allegro 17.2 .Please verify again.


Please upgrade to 17.2, i just open the file with 17.2.

I’m in need of the Jetson NX carrier dev kit .brd file converted to Altium.
Altium needs to run a conversion.bat file on the allegro machine to convert. Crazy, right?

Would you or someone at Nvidia with Allegro 17.2 or higher be willing to perform that conversion for us if given the Altium procedure and conversion tool?

Sorry, we have no such kind of support.