Jetson Nano Fallback EDID

Hi Casey,

It is very common that DP filters out some mode while HDMI does not. We need to look into which part in tegra_dp_mode_filter does such check.

It seems to me that there are more steps required specifically for the DP output in order to enable fallback EDID modes to work properly. I think if you are able to test this by simply trying the default fallback mode in edid.c you will see the problem as well.

My concern here is what should I do after I do this check for you? If DP filter removes them, it just indicates those modes are not supported.

720p fallback edid in our driver is just for debug use. Our test/verification won’t turn it on during their test for DP or HDMI. The normal and official way to run DP/HDMI monitor is read the EDID directly from monitor.

I would suggest you to hardcode the EDID you want to use in the edid.c directly.

  1. how to put one edid inside the device tree

Hi ly223038,

Please open a new topic for your issue. Thanks