Jetson nano Fan Control


I install pwm Control for jetson nano fan.

But My nano Can control when Power on.

But As U see my movie.
Fan Just Work DC-Jack(5V) in …

How Can I control?

Thank you.
and Sorry my poor english.

The first video uses NVIDIA Jetson Nano developer kit, and the second one does Waveshare’s product.

I was buy

Yahboom Jetson Nano 4GB SUB Developer Kit with 16G-eMMC Based on Official Jetson Nano 4GB Core Module (Jetson Nano 4GB SUB) : Electronics (

Is it Jetson nano?

Sorry This is my first use… What is different point.

Thank you.

NVIDIA Jetson Nano developer kit uses a microSD as a boot device, but partner’s HW uses eMMC.
As I do not have a sample, I have to guess Waveshare’s HW has further more differences.
You should read the user manual very carefully.

and wiki is here: JETSON-NANO-DEV-KIT - Waveshare Wiki

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